Zooppa Member of the Week: The Movie Magic of Klang

“At the end of the day, even if you lose, as long as you gave it your all, whatever you produced is something else to add to your reel” -Klang

Meet Klang, prize winner in three Zooppa online film competitions. A, dare I say it, film genius who has inspired and awed the Zooppa Community, while still maintaining a gracious and modest demeanor.

In the beginning, armed with a lack of equipment and experience, Klang used pure determination to win a small online competition. With that new money he upgraded his equipment and kept trying. Now Klang has won three Zooppa competitions. He is a true inspiration for both accredited film makers as well as those who are trying to get that one chance. Check out some of his work below!

Competition: What Does Intel Mean to You?
Video Title: “Endless possibilities”

Competition: “It’s Just Not Breakfast Without Milk”
Video Title: “Another Hectic Morning”

Competition: Zappos: Celebrate the Art of Gifting
Video Title: “Disgruntled Elf”

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