The New One2One Language for Communication


Hey Zooppers,

Don’t miss our global project with Voice4people, The New One2One Language! V4P is an innovative project promoting a new way for people to communicate. The new One2One language focuses on connecting through sentiment, emotion, and intrigue—feelings that are increasingly difficult to express with today’s fast paced technological gadgets (email, text, chat, etc.).

Voice4People is simple and easy to use: choose an image and match it to a word. You end up with a unique message that only the person intended to receive the message will understand. The combination of the image and word create a personal message that shares a past experience only the two people involved can understand!

This new SCS language (Smile Communication System) is like a secret code to express your emotion.

Sign up to test Voice4People’s services and submit your video and/or review to our global project with the brand. Looking forward to seeing your work on this innovative communication of the future!

Total Awards: €10,500 | Deadline: July 23rd 2015

For more info on the project check out the full creative brief.

Colette Marien


  1. It is said that the combination of the image and word create a personal message. And with me V4P is an innovative project promoting a new way for people to communicate

  2. V4P is an innovative project that promotes a new way for people to communicate. I consider it a language that needs to be developed. I will visit you more in the coming time.

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