The Popularity Game: How to track your rank in the “Simplify Your Life” contest.

We all want to be liked.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell who really “Likes” you.  Other times it’s really easy. During the “Simplify Your Life” contest, using the Facebook Graph tool, anyone can check which video is the most popular.  The first thousand votes will appear as “Likes” on the video page.

If your popularity exceeds 1000, all you have to do is enter this link and then put the name of the video as it appears at the end.


Video name: stress-of-a-college-student-2

Graph tool:  http://graph.facebook.com/http://simplify.att.com/videos/

To check the specific video:


This text will pop up:

“id”: “http://simplify.att.com/videos/stress-of-a-college-student-2“,
“shares”: 22

The Shares will then show how many likes that particular video has received.

Be sure to remove this portion of the link from the video:



BarringtonProd, Times that Count:  1387
Cellxz, Mulcher Rethinks Possible:  1266
Creativity 123, Rethink Possible:  324
Oh_So_Gucci, My Experience with Paperless Billing:  305
ArmenAdamian, Get Your Head Straight:  212

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