I take my humor like my coffee: BLACK AS MIDNIGHT ON A MOONLESS NIGHT

David Lynch may be that obnoxious director those owl-ish, be-hipster-spectacled intellectuals love to rave about. He may be, on top of an obnoxious director, the dude who scares the living daylights out of most people with his Art. (crapital A-R-T, Art.) Who is David Lynch, you may ask? Check out a bio & some of his work on artsy.net.

A few years back, his Blue Velvet induced in me a trauma so severe I resolutely vowed to avoid that sumbitch David Lynch …FOREVER! But I’ll admit, my vow of resolute avoidance is now broken.

The lure of Lynch’s Twin Peaks, infamous experiment in 90’s soap opera, has seduced me into Lynch fandom. Lynchdom. 

This is how it started. I stumbled upon the below clip depicting Twin Peaks weirdo Audrey Horne (performing a seductive dance,) (in the middle of the day,) (by herself,) at a local diner. I was transfixed by a glorious 2 minutes of swaying Audrey Horne. Lunatic. Seductress. 17 years old. So much transfixed was I, I watched the entire series marathon style at breakneck pace. If couch potato has a breakneck pace, I sluggishly broke some records. Thanks David Lynch, for making me a winner!

Run! Hide!

No matter how cynical and dismissive, no self-respecting pop culture junkie can forever resist theTwin Peaks. There are satanic owls. There are dead homecoming queens. There’s sex and teen sexuality. There are frequent five-second closeups of light bulbs getting their fritz on. Ten seconds on the mysterious swirling contents of a coffee cup. There are evil spirits. There are bubble boys. There’s pie. There’s more.

If memory serves, there’s even a cameo by a llama (playing himself, a llama).

The Twin Peaks spell over-cometh diversity, adversity and all things. yeah, pretty much everything.

I was all set to write a blog post about the psychological and aesthetic effect of Twin Peaks’ haunting score (composed by Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti,) however, such an article has already been written. You can read it here and here.

Instead, I’ll aim lower. I’ll provide you with a weekend playlist of Twin Peaks themes remixed by the likes of Moby and Russian “horror-surf” band, Messer Chups.

The music player should pop up at the bottom of your screen. If it does not work, click the title of this post for a direct link to the player.

Spooky Weekend Playlist
Twin Peaks Twist by Messer Chups
(inspired by the Twin Peaks theme)
Between Two Mysteries by Mount Eerie
(inspired by the Twin Peaks theme)
Where the Sun Never Shines by The Farmer Boys
(contains sound clips from Twin Peaks pilot episode)
Falling covered by The Wedding Presenter
(cover of Julee Cruise’s thematic Twin Peaks song)
Moment of Tranquility by Apoptygma Bezerk
(samples Twin Peaks theme)
Twin Peaks theme covered by Goddamn Electric Bill
(Twin Peaks theme cover)
Go by Moby
(inspired by Laura Palmer’s theme)

Meme E

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  1. As I previously stated, I don’t like anything too sweet. But black coffee and my cynical babes offer me the most perfect nectar anyone could want. That first cup of coffee is the best part of my day.

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