The Zooppa Creative Network: Who Are They?

If you’ve perused the Zooppa site, you may have come across our Creative Network page. Our Creative Network is chock full of groups like schools and universities, arts groups, and industry affiliates. The fine folks at these organizations are some of the first people we reach out to when launching a new contest because we know that the people involved with these groups are some of the most creative people out there. Some offer terrific resources for budding filmmakers, or programs you can join to help hone your artistic skills, and some are places you probably should know about if you’re going to head into video and marketing.

I highly recommend stopping by the page and learning a little bit more about these groups and institutions. You just might find a place you want to be a part of, or one of their twitter feeds you can follow with all sorts of useful tips and information.

There are so many more than just this page…

Also, if you are affiliated with one of the groups in our Creative Network, edit your profile to reflect your affiliation. That way if you win a prize, the group you’re a part of can get a little shout out when people check out your winning submission.

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