There’s something “phoney” about this history lesson…

What if I told you….finding a telephone number 16 years ago wasn’t nearly as easy as it is today? The phone directory, now commonly known as the phone book was a great place to look up a business or neighbor’s phone number. But oh how far we have come…

You may think that telephone books have only been in existence for the past 40-50 years.  Well, buckle up, I’m about to blow your mind!  The first phone directory was issued in February of 1878 on a piece of cardboard and consisted of 50 business in the New Haven, Connecticut area.

One of the great things about telephone directories today, is that they aren’t printed on cardboard anymore, and can be found online and in mobile apps, making it easier to get the information you need.  Speaking of online, 1996 was the first year phone directories became available online in the USA!

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