This Years Top Commercials!

Ahh, the end of the year. How are you celebrating everything 2011? Sipping on some egg nog by the fire and looking through old slideshows? Prepping for that spectacular New Years Eve Party? Here at Zooppa we’re gawking over the top ads of this year. Usually we groan at the annoying slot between our favorite shows…but a good commercial is a gem we can’t get enough of.  Here are ten we thought were awesome (these are in no particular order)


1.) Cravendale “Cats with Thumbs”

2.) Geico’s Mayhem commercials (one example of many below)

3.) Chevy “My Dad’s Car”

4.) Canal + “The Bear”

5.) Snickers “Focus Group”

6.) DnB NOW Clooney Ad

7.) Kia “Share Some Soul”

8.) Land Rover “Sword Collector”

9.) Volkswagon “The Force”

10.) Anti drunk-driving campaign “Legend”



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