Guest Post: Tim Lorang from Image Media Partners | The Importance of the Creative Brief

As we were reviewing the entries to our recent Zooppa video contest I was thinking a lot about the video competitions I had entered during the 80’s and 90’s. These competitions were usually run for professionals and awarded for creativity and technical skills such as lighting or editing. There were no awards for meeting the client’s requirements.

Crowdsourcing contests like the ones sponsored by Zooppa turn that around. Creativity and skills are important but so are meeting the sponsor’s needs. While we were judging the entries there were a number of very creative, very exceptional videos, but they didn’t win because they did not meet our needs. The major difference between the winners and the merely creative was their understanding of the message. Many of the entries parroted the brief or elaborated on one phrase, others I think actually visited our web site.

The responsibility lies with both the sponsors and the creative producers. Sponsors write a brief for the contestants but by definition the brief is, well… brief. If the product, service or cause is complicated or at all abstract it is very hard to get that across. In retrospect I would have used the brief to convey the basics saying this is one aspect and encourage the producers to visit our web site and find out more.

On the other hand these contests are similar to landing a contract in the real world. If you satisfy the client’s needs you’ll land the contract. If you satisfy the client’s needs creatively you’ll win first place.

Tim Lorang, Executive Partner for Image Media Partners
Tim is an award winning television producer with over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and video production. CMMA accredited with experience in educational, corporate and institutional media production and management.

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