Tips on how to Engage your audience

There is a brand new report that spotlights a market focused on driving deeper customer engagement across all channels. Theorem, a UK based digital media and marketing services company, conducted the study on how to evolve in order to keep audiences engaged.

  1. Power of Page Placement
    Experts claim that this is the most important factor in gaining engagement. It’s now considered essential to have the commercial and product teams working closely together.
  2. Perfecting the Art of Personalization
    Experts at Theorem say that 41% of campaigns in 2017 will use creative that changes automatically based on information about the user.
  3. Take Measures to Maximize Mobile Experiences
    There is a large and very noticeable shift of consumer time from desktops to mobiles. These are the 3 main factors that explain why consumers aren’t engaging with it correctly: 1) Poor measurement, 2) Technical Challenges, 3) Lack of quality formats 
  1. Engaging with Video
    Consumer’s desire for video is constantly increasing and video has become a key tool for successfully driving brand engagement. 50% of all campaigns already contain video and that’s only expected to rise to two thirds by 2017.Theorem also noticed that publishers struggle to create video. They suggest alternative options such as in-read and user-generated content.
  1. Experimenting with Virtual Reality
    Experts also predict that the next giant leap in creative innovation is with Virtual Reality. Although VR is still in its infancy, the market is already working on strategic ways to take advantage of the technology.

Don’t forget to read the full article from Global News Wire.

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