Tips for Editing on a Deadline


Working with Zooppa means working with a deadline. All of the contests Zooppa holds leave each  filmmaker plenty of time to shoot a commercial, edit it and submit it to our offices.


Some filmmakers might struggle with working with our contests deadlines, but to help out Zooppa presents some tips on How To Edit on A Deadline.


The best tip of all when it comes to editing, is:


Set out a certain amount of time just for editing. I know that while you’re planning the whole days shoot out in advance you’ve written time for moving to locations, preparation work, set-up time, action production period, lunch breaks,  and once that’s all over you still have to upload the footage to a computer, log all of it, then start to actually edit that mountain of film you call footage and submit your finished commercial to Zooppa before the contest clocks out.
Even though it never seems that you have enough time, another thing to help you is:


When you start to plan for editing the editing process (and it certainly is a process) make sure you leave room for –


  • 2-4 hours for uploading
  • 2-3 Hours of logging
  • 1 hour per minute you captured on tape
  • 1 hour per minute capture on tape for color correcting
  • 1-2 hour(s) for audio effects and transitions
  • 1-4 hour(s) for compressing for a sizable video format (depending on how fast your processor is) 30 minutes – 1 hour for just uploading.


Even if you do just the bare minimum of these requirements, the time spent adds up to be about 9 hours.


While I know this seems like little much, (or maybe not enough for you experienced editors) keep in mind that the more time you leave for yourself in this production stage the more time you leave for yourself and your editor if something goes wrong. Technology isn’t perfect that’s why we have to do our best to work with it and around it. Following these tips will surely get you video in on time.



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