Tips For Making a High Quality Video

Zooppa is asking for high-def and high quality videos for the Pillsbury contest and thought it only fitting we let you know what we think makes a great commercial.  Here is a list of the top five elements a high quality commercial should have:

  • 1. Check the Sound: Nothing spoils a good commercial like poor sound quality.  If your track music is too loud it will drown out the voices in your commercial. Listen to your commercial on both headphones and through your computer speakers to hear how your audience will hear your commercial.
  • 2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting:Good lighting can make a commercial look amazing. Bad lighting on the other hand, can make a commercial grainy and dull. If you need to add lights to shots taken indoors, consider investing in Lowell Tota-Lights or other cinema lighting kits. Another option is to make your light kit.
  • 3. Keep it Short and Simple:  The Pillsbury contest is for a 15-second video, make sure the storyline fits with the time requirements.  Storyboards are a great way to keep you on track when you are shooting.
  • 4. Beginning, Middle and End: Make sure the commercial has a beginning, middle and end.  Keep the storyline moving and interesting but make sure it has a purpose.
  • 5. Learn From the Best: Watch professional commercials that made it to TV. Take note of the lighting, sound quality and script.
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