TMZ on TV Ad Contest Lets You Go Hollywood

Time to roll out the red carpet for our TMZ on TV ad competition!

We’re entering the last leg of its run with about 2 weeks left to go (contest ends 8/9/10), and anticipation for your forthcoming video commercials is running high. This contest is shaping up to be one of our most fun and irrepressibly energetic yet, much like the client. Who doesn’t get a kick out of following the highs and lows of Hollywood?

A fascination with celebrity culture is pretty much integrated into our nature, and in today’s world we can’t imagine what that landscape would look like without TMZ. They’re fun, they’re brazen, they’re the men and women about town, and they’re there first. When it comes to breaking news on today’s pop culture list, you’ll likely see TMZ hanging around the area, ready to deliver the freshest footage on the menu. While they admit that advertising for themselves can be complicated, TMZ on TV always says what they think, and viewers love them for it. And so, TMZ on TV is handing over the camera and ready to put its image in your capable hands for this exciting new ad campaign.

Your goal, in summary, is to “capture and convey the humor and attitude of the show” with your 12 or 27 second video ad. Since this creative brief is fairly open, you can look forward to a particularly playful, colorful competition with space for creative freedom. Requirements, among others listed in the competition creative brief, are to create a convincing, professionally executed video ad that does not use any footage from the show—a challenge for your imagination indeed, but definitely an opportunity to showcase your originality!—and include a particular message: “We Love Hollywood. We just have a funny way of showing it.” The tagline serves as your guide for this competition, with a little dose of pun fun if you choose to take it literally.

As always, read through the creative brief carefully to get an idea of what the client is looking for from your work. For this one in particular, take a good look at the “Additional Creative Considerations” at the bottom of the page, as they should put you on the right track as you think about why TMZ on TV is so fun to watch—why we love gawking at Hollywood, and how TMZ on TV helps us channel that affection. In addition to the $15,000 in total awards, remember that your ad might broadcast in a coveted spot on national television, so keep a high-res copy of your work!

This one’s a game changer: you get to shine those bright lights on the channel that’s usually in charge of the spotlighting. Hope to see your ‘take’ on Hollywood soon!

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