TomTom Cabaret: July extractions!

TomTom Cabaret Live contest-casting goes on! As specified by the rules, periodically TomTom extracts two participants among those who have taken part into the contest. And now, we are proud to announce the winners of July: they are DELPHIN, the author of the audio “Le cugine dei Pali&Dispari” and PENTA the author of the concept Larga è la foglia, stretta è la via”. They both win a navigator TomTom ONE Europa 31 Cabaret and a slap on the bottom for their incredible luck! Congratulations!

Zooppers. go on partecipating! TomTom will hear your new audio tryouts to select the official voices. Jacknegger, AndreaDib, MisterPablo, Playmoney, Teoberg e Brukat have already reached this goal. But everyone of you has the chance to win until the end of the contest.

Moreover, as usual, there’s the chance to be extracted and win some fantastic TomTom navigators. Next drawing: September the 30th. Don’t miss the appointment!

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