Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies that Guys Will Like

Valentine’s Day is coming up, guys.

You know, that one day a year you pick up your dirty socks laying around your apartment, promise not to watch the game for more than a half hour at a time and take her out to that special fancy pizza joint on the corner?

It’s also the day that you have a very good chance of watching the dreaded Romantic Comedy.

The good news is that there are some flickerings that will not only keep you interested in the plot, but also gain you a few brownie points in the process!

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies (Which Are Actually Watchable)

1. Before Sunrise (trailer)

2. The Tiger and the Snow (trailer)

3. Paris, je t’aime (trailer)

4. A Very Long Engagement (trailer)

5. In The Mood For Love (trailer)

6. Benny and Joon (trailer)

7. High Fidelity (trailer)

High Fidelity

8. 2 Days in Paris (trailer)

9. An Education (trailer)

 10. Love Me If You Dare (trailer)
Honorable Mention:
Voices of a Distant Star (short) – Full Movie

What’s on your list this Valentine’s Day?

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