Unique Selling Points and You!


What makes you buy one product over its competition? Its unique selling point. What sets it apart from the competition.

When a great ad-maker drives the USP message home, you don’t even consider its competition. You know you need that one.

Successful filmmakers on Zooppa deliver the USP effectively, but don’t overdo it. It’s a delicate balance to create a great ad.

Sound difficult? It isn’t–just do your homework.

Clients tell you exactly what they want under the “Your Mission” section of each contest brief. They tell you why they’re good–your challenge is to communicate it simply.

Occasionally, a client won’t explain their USP. Maybe they’re a brand-new company and they don’t know yet. Or maybe they think it’s super-obvious. Or perhaps they just used weird words you don’t understand. Anyway, you can figure out any USP on your own. It just takes intelligence.

1. Relax. Get a cup of tea. Stare at animal-shaped clouds. Watch Maru videos. Just do anything to get those creative juices flowing.

2. Be the consumer. Start thinking general, then drill down to specific. Why do we buy products? We’ll use the example of a particular brand of coffee.

  • What does this product do? (It wakes me up.)
  • What is it about me that makes me need it? (I feel sleepy sometimes when I want to be awake.)
  • How is this one different from its competition? (It tastes better.)
  • So what is the USP? (This is the best-tasting coffee.)

You can play the USP game anywhere. Out loud is a fun way to annoy people.

Boom. Now go make yourself a killer video.

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