Upcoming Important Dates for Zooppa

Hey Everyone!

It may not seem too close but August is almost here! The Summer Cash deal has just started and August is the month to maximize on our new program. So get a fellow filmmaker to sign up for Zooppa.

Please mark the following date on your calendars! Friday 8.05.2011 is the final day to enter Living in 4G LTE Video Contest. This was the first Verizon video contest. It’s a bit more open than Field Tester.

Create a video, 1-2 minutes long, that exhibits the capabilities of Verizon 4G LTE through product integration. This means make a video with the neat stuff you can do with a fast phone.

NEAT Stuff includes but is not limited to:

  • -Downloading a bunch of songs your dates likes while she’s in the potty.
  • -Talking to your mom on your cell while texting your buddies about a raging party
  • Verizon wants you to show how fun having a fast network on your phone can be!

    Now the Other Verizon which is just as cool but less open ended

    Mark 2 dates on your calendars, this Friday 7.29.11 which is the early entry cut-off for the Field Tester Challenge. We have a new video up on the brief page. It’s one of my favorite test videos from the folks at vzw.tumblr.com.

    Verizon wants you to come up with wacky tests for how fast their 4G or 3G network is. At the end of the main upload period (mark you calendars) 8.20.11, they’ll give the top ten videos free phones in order to reshoot using the new devices! You get to keep these! You get phones just for being top ten!

    One more contest ending soon!
    Friday 8.12.11 is the day MegaPath closes. This is the Tech Talk video contest.

    Create a video, up to 60 seconds long, that somehow features techies using obscure high-tech jargon to discuss the finer points of communications technology.

    This means make a video about super smart people using super smart words that we can’t understand…in a funny way! We even provide you with a dictionary!

    Hope you remember all those dates. They’ll be here before you know it.

    Take it easy,


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