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Hey Zooppers!
You guys should feel proud of yourselves; Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch made it on Amazon as one of the Best Business Humor and Kindle Comic Fiction Bestsellers! For the entire month of January, RWIOtL has been featured on both these lists as #1 for several days, and has been featured in Amazon’s “Discover New Authors” sale this month. Thanks to you guys who helped promote this awesome book to the world by creating imaginative and hilarious videos/prints. Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch is even being used to teach a course at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication!

Check out what Tim McGuire, the Frank Russell Chair for business of journalism, had to say about the book on his blog: “Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch is a must read for newspaper refugees and corporate survivors. Some brilliant satire…an exceptionally funny denouement…I felt so strongly about Richard Hine’s newspaper analysis that I’m using an excerpt in my…class here at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.” How awesome is that? You can read the rest of his blog post here: http://cronkite.asu.edu/mcguireblog/?p=217

If you still need to pick up a copy for yourself, or for a friend and/or colleague, you still have a chance to get the paperback edition for 50% off at $7.48 online! Just click this link: http://www.amazon.com/Russell-Wiley-Lunch-Richard-Hine/dp/1935597140 The Kindle edition is just $3.99 and can be e-mailed as a gift: http://www.amazon.com/Russell-Wiley-Out-Lunch-ebook/dp/B003JH8VG6 . Both editions are on sale only today and end at midnight tonight.

Good job everyone for all your help in creative thinking in spreading the word about Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch!

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