UW Design Student Stephanie Hughes Picked to be First-Ever Campus Rep by ZOOPPA

Social Advertising Venture ZOOPPA offers design students a way to build their portfolios and compete for cash awards.

Seattle, WA, January 8, 2009—The Social Advertising Venture Zooppa has named UW Design Student Stephanie Hughes to be their first Campus Rep in the USA.  Stephanie Hughes is a junior at UW, majoring in Visual Communication Design.  Her role as campus rep is to get the word out about the social networking website Zooppa, which is a cross between a linked-in for creative professionals and a YouTube for Advertising (http://www.zooppa.com ).

Zooppa offers students the opportunity to work with actual companies and organizations that are building a brand or launching a campaign by using design and advertising tools.  Students can build their portfolios with real work created for actual clients instead of the typical “hypothetical” clients.  Student work can be kept online in a virtual portfolio that can be shown at any time to potential employers.  There are no fees for students to become members of the Zooppa community or to create campaigns for companies and organizations.  Students can join the Zooppa community and read the creative briefs that are posted on the website in order to decide if they want to participate.  Student designers compete to create the best campaigns.  Winners are chosen by the online community who vote and rank the best creative work.  Winners are awarded cash.

Stephanie Hughes said, “Zooppa is a great opportunity for student designers because it helps them get their work out there and work with real brands. It’s a great way to build a portfolio and during these tough economic times you can win money by actually working on a project. “

How Stephanie came to be hired by Zooppa is a story in itself. From an early age, she fell in love with art and design.  By the time she was in high school her work was highly acclaimed by her teachers and she was winning awards.  When it came time to go to college, she went to the
UW Design Student/222

UW for a tour and orientation, where she decided she wanted to be part of the DXART– the new cutting-edge animation program. In order to get admitted into the design school she was required to take the mandatory Intro to Design course, which has a reputation for being extremely challenging. Students rarely earn a grade of 3.7 or above, which grants automatic entry into the design school. By earning a 3.7 grade Stephanie was an exception and became one of the sixty students admitted into the design school each year.  Stephanie’s roommate is president of the business school club AIESEC—where she had met CEO of Zooppa Wil Merrit and learned of the Zooppa job opening. Stephanie submitted her resume and examples of her work and soon landed her first job in design.

In her role as Campus Rep, Stephanie has been using her design talent to create all forms of visual media for Zooppa, including fliers, posters, web applications, and even a MySpace page!
Over this past winter break, she worked projects such as online networking, the creation of widgets for different clients, and the creation of ads to promote Zooppa. One of her ads is currently featured on Facebook (Search for Zooppa USA).

Stephanie said, “Zooppa is an online creative community that gives designers recognition. It’s cool because people in the community can critique your work and rank it. And today, it’s all about getting noticed. Zooppa gives students all kinds of opportunities.  There is a tremendous need for creative campaigns that involve film & video production, graphic design and web design. There is even a call for radio ads and banner campaigns.  All you have to do is to read the creative briefs and then create your winning campaigns! Over 100 people have gotten work just by putting their work on Zooppa.  Potential employers are looking at this site and so are your friends! ”

About Zooppa
Founded by the European high-tech incubator H-Farm, Zooppa is the first to create a space online for social advertising through user-generated content.  Zooppa is an innovative new advertising model that has the potential to connect people from all over the world who already belong to a community-of-interest.  This community-of-interest is composed of people who want to make, see, or buy great creative that will influence people and move product.  Zooppa partners with companies and organizations and features their brands.  Members worldwide are invited to create their own ads such as videos, print, banners, radio and even conceptual treatments for sponsoring brands. The Zooppa community members vote for the best ads whose creators received cash awards and industry recognition.  For more information, please see http://www.zooppa.com.

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