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We have been very busy lately here at Zooppa, having hosted some great campaigns, with great brands and of course, great submissions! It’s been a while since we recapped all of the projects going on, so how about we take a look at the top winners of each video campaign in the last few months. Let’s begin:


nclNorwegian Cruise Line: Cruise Like a Norwegian

Mission: Bring forward the exotic, unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences the Caribbean or Hawaii offer in a 1-3 minute video that speaks to our brands essence of freedom and flexibility

1st Place: $10,000 – “Cruising Paradise” by devofergy

2nd Place: $6,000 – “Live Caribbean” by filmantopia

3rd Place: $5,000 – “Freestyle Cruising is…” – theparkness

          *see complete award listing


soloSOLO: Up for Anything

Misson: Create fun, engaging 30 second videos that feature SOLO® Squared® Cups and SOLO® Heavy Duty Paper Plates. Just like you, SOLO is ‘Up for anything.’

1st Place: $5,000 – “Up for Anything” by zachattack314

2nd Place: $3,000 – “Cup (& Plate) Song” by thefumusic

3rd Place: $1,000 – “Supermom” – by matthewscottmorgan

          *see complete award listing


unilevermomUnilever: How Do Kids See Mom?

Misson:  Create 60 second imaginative and creative stories that bring to life how any child (or children) sees his or her Mom, in any situation or moment in time.

1st Place: $6,000 – “Supermommy Saves the Tornado Twins” by hunterhopewell

2nd Place: $4,000 – “Cookie Please” by zoopper5476

3rd Place: $3,000 – “A Day with Mum” by nicco-divito

          *see complete award listing


luvsLuvs: Be Feature on Our Show!


Upload 6-15 second videos and/or photos of great moments in mom-hacking history. Give us a play-by-play of your mom hack and show us how it deserves to go down as one of the greats.

1st Place: $8,000 – “Crib Hack” by bisbinetts

2nd Place: $4,000 – “Easy Medicine” by dannywyinnvideo

3rd Place: $3,000 – “Rubberband Your Apples” by xrats

          *see complete award listing


samsoniteSamsonite: Samsonite Versus…

Mission: Make a 30 second to 1 minute video showing how Samsonite luggage can withstand even the harshest of conditions.

1st Place: $6,500 – “Samsonite Vs Escolator” by devofergy

2nd place: $4,000 – “Samsonite Vs The Human Pretzel” by ahalfpintproduction

3rd Place: $2,700 – “Samsonite Vs a Soccer Player” by brendanwalshmusic

          *see complete award listing


budlightBud Light: Launch the Cool Twist

Mission: With the exciting launch of the new reclosable “Cool Twist” 16oz aluminium bottle, Bud Light wass seeking films :15 – :30 seconds in length that featured the reclosable bottle in a memorable way.

1st Place: $25,000 – “Fancy Fly” by renrobot

2nd Place: $8,000 – “Bud Ligh BBQ” by jackrabbitttproductions

3rd Place: $5,000 – “Bud Light Beach Party” by jackrabbitttproductions

          *see complete award listing


hormelHormel: Real Recipes for Real life

Mission: Create videos between 30 seconds and 3 minutes about food ideas & tips that fulfill your everyday food situations. We are looking for family-friendly videos that are engaging and easy to follow.

1st Place: $10,000 – “Camping Food Tips and Recipe” by agapeartist

2nd Place: $6,000 – “Hormel Pepperoni: Pizza Pasta” by echothegecko

3rd Place: $3,000 – “General Sog’s Chili Dogs” by mpmatthews34

          *see complete award listing


polanerPolaner: Don’t Dare Call it Jelly

Mission: Create a video up to 60 seconds in length which modernizes the classic brunch commercial or create a whole new meal scene centered on “Don’t Dare Call it Jelly.”

1st Place: $7,000 – “Leave it to All Fruit” by natethomas

2nd Place $2,000 – “A Very Hipster Breakfast” by robertvornkahl

3rd Place $$1,000 – “Perfect Morning Thing” by stephenlevinson

          *see complete award listing


staplesStaples: The Shopping Cart Dance

Mission: We want people to show their own interpretation of The Shopping Cart Dance. The dance is going to be used as part of the Staples back-to-school ad campaign to show how excited people are about the season’s savings.

1st Place: $7,500 – “Staples Guy” by kyle-levonian

2nd Place: $5,000 – “Dude, Where’s My Cart?” by hunterhopewell

3rd Place: $2,500 – “Grandma Learns the Shopping Cart” by mhuesmann

          *see complete award listing


lindsayLindsay: Fun and Flavor with Lindsay Olives

Mission: We are looking for creative and humorous 30-second or 15-second videos about our California Black Ripe Olives – videos that will entertain our target audience.

1st Place: $10,000 – “In the Can” by zoopper28910

2nd Place: $3,000 – “Irresistible Lindsay Olives” by happyjoel

3rd Place: $2,000 – “Game Night” by renrobot

          *see complete award listing

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