Video Contest from Zooppa Italy: SAP-If I Were Three

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There’s an opportunity at Zooppa Italy for US users to get involved . They’re looking for more videos for a contest, and would like to invite US users to participate. It’s called SAP- Fossi en tre or SAP- If I Were Three

Here’s the translated brief, and you can also use your browser to translate once you get there. I encourage you to check it out! Meet some Italian Zooppers! They’re pretty fantastic folks.


World leader in management software solutions for the enterprise, SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) helps companies of all sizes and industries to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase profits.
Founded in 1972, has had a brilliant history of innovation and continuous growth, as a true industry leader. Today, SAP has offices in over 50 countries worldwide and its applications and services are used by over 172,000 companies that manage time efficiently and responsibly with their resources.
From the areas of management support, from the warehouse to the store, from your office computer workstations to mobile devices: whatever the field, SAP enables individuals and businesses to work together more efficiently and use business information with greater effectively to meet the challenge with competitors.
SAP’s mission is ultimately to assist companies and organizations to help them do more and better, bridging the widening gap between strategy formulation and execution.


Specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Fast-Start Program SAP helps companies evaluate, acquire and implement the business solution best suited to their needs quickly, cost-effective and with minimal impact on internal resources. This program is a valuable help to analyze the various options, select the correct hardware and software and implement a business solution tailored to the enterprise level, quickly and conveniently.
With the Fast-Start Program, SAP extends a hand to small businesses, for which solutions can be difficult to find comprehensive and integrated management.
In particular, the Fast-Start Program is the only management solution on the market to have an on-line configurator: a tool that allows easy and transparent processes that are used to select for your industry (production, trade and services) and for your business and get an immediate estimate of cost and all information to know the detail of what you are buying.
Determine clear from the outset the scope of the solution makes it easier and faster implementation and quicker return on investment: predictability, completeness, transparency and certainty of results, this is the Fast-Start Program SAP.
Thanks to the fast-start program, you can reduce implementation time of business solution, keeping under control their investment from the outset.

The Fast-Start Program is fully embraces the concept of a new marketing and communication project of SAP: “If I were three. It’s time to choose SAP. ”
The new slogan is meant to express a single concept such as SAP may be the ideal solution for all business needs.
On this concept, SAP has created a contest for the best small and medium-sized Italian companies. SAP wants to reward the true engine of the country making it possible for companies to show their value and be rewarded with a concrete support for the development of their business. Companies may apply through a form on the website (www.sap.com / italy / vincisap).
A scientific committee will proceed in a ranking of companies according to which will be chosen the 10 best companies for each award category: services, manufacturing and trade. So a jury decide the 3 winners who will win
3 SAP – fast-start program – complete with licenses and project-value of 46,000 € each.
To promote this contest, SAP has created 4 video mini-episodes that decline in a clear way the concept of “If I were three”. You can view the first of these episodes as a brief video of the contest here on Zooppa. Every week a new episode will be published visible here (www.sap.com /italy/vincisap)


SAP asks you to create video content that promotes the Fast-Start Program.

You can create content for print advertising (a real spot) rather than taking inspiration from SAP videos.

The creative challenge is to promote the fast-start program and at the same time, find an effective way to make a video with the slogan “If I were three.”


Promote the features of Fast-Start:

• Online configurator: Identifies the hardware, software, features, configuration, and the total cost of the optimal business solution for the company.
• Software functionality pretext reduce the complexity and risks of the project.
• Business preconfigured content: quickly implements a highly specialized for the company.
• pre-integrated hardware-optimized software.
• Experience of SAP partners, a valuable guide to evaluate, purchase and deploy the solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Promote the benefits of Fast-Start gives companies:
• Quick and easy Management
• Resolution of hitches and delays
• Ease and speed in the initial integration process
• Flexibility and customization


Small and medium-sized enterprises.

Tone of voice

Fresh, informal, engaging.


• The brand SAP must be mentioned specifically in the development of the video, visually (through the logo provided) or otherwise.
• The video must have a maximum duration of 1 minute.

Materials available

• SAP Logo


(Upload Deadline 1/10/12) SAP has put up for grabs in this contest a prize pool of 10,000 Zoop$  (1 Zoop $ 1 = U.S. $) that will be assigned according to the procedures listed below:

• Best videos selected by SAP:

SAP will view and evaluate one by one all the videos that are uploaded for the contest. At the end of these contests SAP will choose the 3 best videos at its sole discretion. The 3 videos selected by SAP will be well rewarded:

Best Video: $ 2,500

Best Video: $ 2,500

Best Video: $ 2,500

• Intermediate Prize: $ 1,000

Awarded to the best of all videos that are received before 23:59 (London time) on 12 December 2011(Early Entry Deadline). The award winning video can still contribute to the assignation of one of the other prizes.

• Honorable Mentions: $ 1,500

SAP staff and Zooppa will award honorable mentions to all those works which, while not receiving one of the prizes, will be distinguished for their quality and originality.


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