Viewing ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’…

If you’re a big of a fan of Peter Jackson’s work with The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, then you must be psyched for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

But here’s the dilemma I, like many Americans are in. How does one intend to watch the 48 fps masterpiece that will include Hobbits, and Dragons, and Dwarfs, and Elfs?

One could either watch it in a normal theater, an IMAX theater, or the new Dolby Atmos theaters. Ahh, you don’t know what the Dolby Atmos theaters are? Let me explain. By leveraging up to 64 speaker feeds and 128 simultaneous audio inputs, for example, Dolby says it would be possible to more accurately recreate the sound of creepy footsteps coming from the floorboards of a higher floor. Yes, you could use the system to better simulate stuff like rain, too, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as making hapless moviegoers pee their pants.

Yes, that sounds awesome. But hear me out. I have tickets to the Thursday night, midnight showing at a real IMAX theater in Seattle.  The closest Atmos theater is in Vancouver, WA, which is a suburb of Portland, Or. (AKA it’s four hours away.)

I need to know Zooppers, should I take the time to drive down to hear epicness? Also, here’s a list of where all of the Atmos theaters in America are.

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  1. I live in Salt Lake City, and I just found out that there’s an Atmos theater in West Valley! I can’t wait to hear Glamdring slice through the air above my head!

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