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Reminder that the VO5 contest closes Monday the 12th at 4 pm PST! Total awards come to $15,000!

If you are needing more content or ideas for your submission, read on!

In a nationwide poll conducted in July, 87% of women surveyed said they deal with the problem of frizzy hair. Nearly 75% of women polled said they scrutinize weather forecasts to plan their daily frizz-fighting routines. Almost 60% said frizz is their No. 1 dreaded hair malfunction. Among the other frizzy findings:

  • 51% of respondents report experiencing frizzy hair more than four times per week
  • 92% of women use products to manage their frizz, most often with shampoo/conditioner and/or an anti-frizz cream
  • 25% of women have stayed at home due to a bad hair day
  • 27% of women struggle with frizzy hair more when their hair is long rather than short

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