Wanna Work for Elton John?…really!

I am so endeared to Elton John just for the fact that he refuses to license his songs to Glee. Good job, Elton.

In the spirit of Zooppa.com, Elton is holding his own video contest.

He’s asking people to create a music video for his song “Hey Ahab.” No idea what it’s about but here are some of the lyrics:

We’ll all weigh anchor and it’s westward ho

Hey Ahab can you tell me where
I can catch a ride out of here
Hey Ahab hoist that sail
You gotta stand up straight
When you ride that whale

Pretty crazy, no? You better hurry because entries are due on May1st! Personally I’d love to cut a version of “Rocketman” using footage from the anime epic “Steamboy”.

Take it easy,

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