We Need Friends

Fail whale pale ale, by @dirtdirt


We’re a tech startup company. There are Magic: The Gathering and “Warp Speed!” mugs in the community kitchen. We could use some social skills. 

Like almost every other company in the tech world, we have a Twitter account. And like most, we’re not sure what to do with it. Twitter is supposedly about a “conversation” (in 140 characters or less?! How can you sum up the #trueblood finale or wax poetic about #PSL time @Starbucks with such limits?) Problem is, we have no one to “conversate” with. Obviously the tweet is an art. One we’d like to learn by following real life people.

Naturally our Zooppa community would be our first choice but usernames rarely translate to working Twitter handles. Help us out of the Seattle Freeze. Post below with your Twitter handle and we’ll be sure to follow you. Or better yet, mention us in a tweet (@zooppausa) with your biggest Twitter pet peeve and we’ll try our best to be a nice, friendly Twitter neighbor.

Also, we’ve hired some poor intern to help create Twitter content. Want random updates on an online rain sound machine or lightsaber wielding cats? Show our intern some love by following us @zooppausa. (Why yes, every mention of Twitter in this post does conveniently link back to our account. How nice of you to notice.)

We support multi-platform stalking here at Zooppa. See our photos on Facebook, and see our staff attempt to explain things on our YouTube video briefs.


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