Webtel.mobi video competition heralds seismic shift in advertising industry

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Good job everyone!

Each day I work here, I see work from community members that proves that advertising can be innovative and amazing.  Advertising as an art form, is far from dead.

We already making headlines with the Webtel.mobi competition. Check this out:

Specialized Mobile Provider’s video ad competition brings in millions of dollars worth of video ads at a fraction of the cost of conventional production. Liberates ‘Citizen marketers’ and forces a fundamental rethink of the way traditional advertizing agencies do business.

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Because of our strong creative community, we are able to make exceptional ads that are truly outside the box.


Meme E


  1. Yea! Sounds to me like more awesome competitions in the future! Which is great for everyone! :D

  2. We’re avant-garde. Or just r-evolution. Or just the natural path ad world will go. :)

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