Webtel.mobi Teams Up With Zooppa for New Ad Campaign

$75,000 cash, recognition at Cannes at stake in advertising competition

SEATTLE, May 14, 2009 — Webtel.mobi, whose mobile Internet calling and texting service is revolutionizing the way people make phone calls, has partnered with Zooppa, the world’s largest social network focused on user-generated advertising, to offer over $75,000 in cash prizes and recognition at an awards ceremony in Cannes in an international advertising competition.

Webtel.mobi’s competition with Zooppa runs from May 14th through July 10th and is expected to generate a large number of viral ads. While the prize money is a significant factor, it’s the grand prize that really energizes Zooppa’s community: an invitation to join Webtel.mobi in Cannes, where the winning video will be shown at the Webtel.mobi Cannes Viral Film Festival.

Zooppa is uniquely positioned to market Webtel.mobi. Each company is at the leading edge of its industry. Webtel.mobi is the first company to combine the affordability of Internet calling with the convenience of mobile technology. Zooppa is a leader in the booming user-generated advertising movement.

As Zooppa CEO Wil Merritt said, “It’s great to team up with a company as forward-thinking as Webtel.mobi. This is the kind of project that really gets our creative community fired up.”

Zooppa’s community of 40,000 creative professionals and enthusiasts worldwide remains the secret to Zooppa’s continuing success. From this network comes a variety of original ads in video, print and online, as well as a built-in viral distribution network.

To see the campaign brief and details: http://www.zooppa.com/contests/webtelmobi

For more information about Webtel.mobi, visit: http://www.webtel.mobi/pc/index.html

About Zooppa

Zooppa is the world’s largest social network focused on user-generated advertising. Through our creative community of more than 40,000 people, Zooppa offers an innovative advertising model that connects brands with a global community passionate about doing creative work and actively engaged in socializing it across the web.

For more information, visit http://www.zooppa.com.

To learn more about Zooppa’s user-generated advertising revolution, contact Wil Merritt, CEO, at wmerritt@zooppa.com.

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