Weekly Digest – November 4!




Welcome to the Weekly Digest, the reason you only visit our blog once a week. Every we post all of your Zooppa updates in one place – important upcoming dates, recent contest launches, winners’ announcements and more!


Contest Announcements:

MyCube – Connect With Your Passion

MyCube is a new social network that helps you find other people who share your passions. Have an outrageous collection of Mexican jumping beans? Are you a yo-yo champion? Whatever you’re into, MyCube will help you connect with someone who shares your interest. $10,000 in awards are available and you can upload until December 12!

Zappos.com “Celebrate the Art of Gifting” – November 18th

What could be better this holiday season than the gift of national exposure? Zappos is offering you this chance with their “Celebrate the Art of Gifting Contest.” Six winners will get a piece of the $48,000 prize pool, plus the chance to see their work in a national television campaign. This is a super-fast campaign for Zappo’s 2011 holiday promotion. Entries must be uploaded by November 18th!


Last Chance!

Food Saver- November 7

Psst…leaving a pizza box on the counter does not qualify as a form of food preservation. Tell a story about a crazy form of saving leftovers and you could win $1,500 in cash. This contest closes on Monday at 4 p.m. PST!

Margaritaville “Ultimate Host” – November 7

This party is ending on Monday at 4 p.m. PST– the last day to upload your entry into the Margaritaville Cargo “Ultimate Host” contest! For your slice of the $22,000 awards pie, visit Margaritaville’s Facebook page (or submit on Zooppa).


Upcoming Dates:

BetFair Betting Exchange Contest – November 18

Grab a British buddy and make a goofy, energetic video about terrible ways to bet. The best part? Betfair is invented now, so we don’t have to use those terrible methods anymore. The deadline to enter is November 18th. (If you don’t have any British friends, email Ian at ifraser@zooppa.com. He might be able to hook you up.)


Winners Announcements:

MegaPath Tech Talk

Happyjoel is very happy indeed now that he has $14,000 from winning first place for “Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap.” Kbloom took $4,500 for “I’m IT” and third place along with $3,500 went to Cheapsils for “Goin’ Vishing.” All of the winning videos can be viewed here.

ASUS In Search of Incredible

The winners of this contest will be announced soon! In the meantime, check out the contest’s theme song–written by the incredible Jason Mraz!


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