Weekly Digest- October 21



Welcome to the Weekly Digest, the last productive moment of our workweek. Every Friday we’ve started posting all of your Zooppa updates in one place – important upcoming dates, recent contest launches, winners’ announcements and more!

Upcoming Dates:

In Search of Incredible – October 26

Wednesday is the last day to upload to the ASUS/Intel Search for Incredible Competition! Don’t miss your chance to be featured at Sundance! One winner from each country will win an ASUS N55 laptop. Good luck!

Food Saver- November 7

Psst…leaving a pizza box on the counter does not qualify as a form of food preservation. Tell a story about a crazy form of saving leftovers and you could win $1,500 in cash. The deadline is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Bet Fair Betting Exchange Contest – November 18

Grab a British buddy and make a goofy, energetic video about terrible ways to bet. The best part? Betfair is invented now, so we don’t have to use those terrible methods anymore. The deadline to enter is November 18th. (If you don’t have any British friends, email Ian at ifraser@zooppa.com. He might be able to hook you up.)

Winners Announcements:

Margaritaville Early Entry Winner

Congrats to DistractChicago who won $5,000 for his early entry in the Margaritaville Cargo Ultimate Host contest! You still have until November 7th to enter for the top prize.

Siemens Changing Your City for the Better

Congrats to $15,000 prize winner motionsickfx in the Siemens Changing Your City for the Better contest!  Kudos also to second place winner thebigspin and third place winner picchio11. Click the link above for a full list of winners and to see more videos.

MegaPath Tech Talk

MegaPath execs are hard at work reviewing videos and have promised to reveal the winners on Tuesday. Get excited!


Drum roll please….AmazonWireless has announced the winners of their contest! Winners can be seen here!

 MatchingDonors.com winners!

First place went to RobMicai with “We’re the Perfect Match” who won $5,000 and two tickets to the Hollywood Awards Gala at the end of the month! Second went to JosephBoyle with “Pieces of My Brother” who took home $2,000, and third went to Allucinari who won $1,000 for “Battle Scars”. Check out the first place winner below and view the full list of winners here.

Now bribe some friends to star in your entry for the National Film Challenge this weekend.

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