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It’s the return of the weekend.  Naturally, dancing bears followed.  Soon they will retake their rightful throne as Internet overlords from kittens. Until then we must wait for their “Dance Battle for Internet Domination” to play out.  As always, our Weekly Digest will be there to relay important developments.  Speaking of Important Zooppa Developments…

Zappos.com “Celebrate the Art of Gifting”

The deadline for submission is rapidly approaching at 4 p.m. today. Get some coffee and pixie sticks.  Time to burn the midnight oil. Place those finishing touches upon your holiday masterpiece. You don’t want to miss out on $48,000 in prizes.

Betfair Reminder

The deadline has been extended until December 5th.  Grab a friend from across the pond and make a zany video about the joy of gambling…  or sorrow. Someone has to lose when you’re betting head to head.  Someone also has to win this competition.  Why not you?  If you’re just finishing up a Zappos masterpiece, keep the momentum rolling and holiday bonuses coming.

MyCube “Connect With Your Passion”

MyCube is a new social network that helps you connect with folks over shared passions.  Whatever you’re into, MyCube will help you connect with someone who shares your interest. There are $10,000 in awards, and you can upload until December 12.

FoodSaver and Margaritaville Award Announcements Coming Very Soon!


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