Weekly Roundup

Hi Zooppsters,

We’ve had a busy week! How about yours? Are you glad it’s Friday?

Let’s celebrate with a WEEKLY ROUNDUP!

Contests Closing Soon

Samsung Global Blogger: create a 30-second audition showing off your awesome, original and creative self. You could win the $5,000 Best Blogger Audition prize, special cash prizes just for your country, or the Grand Prize–tickets to London and the Olympic Games!  Closes Wednesday, May 2 at 3:59 PDT.

Contests Closed

Intel’s “What Does Intel Mean To You” campaign closed on Tuesday, April 24. We’re reviewing over 100 great videos and 350+ awesome prints for copyright, on-brief presentation, and general awesomeness. Then we’ll send them to the client for their final decision. Look out for awards around May 8!

Winners Coming Soon

GotMilk’s “It’s Just Not Breakfast Without Milk” winners will be announced soon–our target is May 7. With almost 200 awesome videos, the clients are watching them all and making a tough decision. Stay tuned!

Old El Paso’s “Crave Campaign” winners will be announced soon–our target is May 4. With 120+ videos and nearly 100 banners, the clients are having a tough time choosing their favorites. Good luck to all entrants!

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