Weekly Wrap-Up: A Snowy Start to Spring

Spring has Sprung this Wednesday, and it certainly has gotten off to an unusual snowy start here in Seattle! Snow doesn’t slow us down here at Zooppa though. We have two new exciting contests that launched just yesterday, and they are both going to be super fun ones to partake in!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is extremely popular and has a mega fan following. This contest is already gaining a lot of attention by our community. It is your opportunity to highlight the positivity she distributes throughout the world. Whether it is a special connection she has with one of her fans, how she impacts others, or simply why her show has meaning to so many, this will be an exciting chance to make an on-air promo.

Was your favorite part of second grade “Show and Tell”? Great! Here is your chance to bring back your favorite part of school with our Ebay contest! This is going to be a thrilling opportunity to showcase your creativity in multiple categories. Each topic has a slightly different angle on what they are searching for, so be sure to check out the brief! If any questions should pop up about participating, be sure to check out the Q&A webinar with eBay on Wednesday, March 27th, 10:30am PST. To register click here!

We have two contests coming to a close very soon, so the good news is that there is still a little bit of time remaining to get your final submissions uploaded! Challenge Butter is wrapping up on Tuesday, March 26th and Contiki is ending on Monday, April 1st. Both of these contests have $15,000 in prizes at stake each, and a good chunk of that cash could be yours! Be sure to check out both of these briefs if you haven’t already.

Have a great weekend Zoopsters!

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