Weekly Wrap Up: Cookie Type of Day

A lot of people aren’t feeling well today here at Zooppa, but everyone is still working extremely hard. So, today would be the day all of us should have some comfort food. For this week’s wrap up, we will start with a light-hearted topic – Oreo.

This very well put together 90 secs video has made Oreo sounds so good right now. The power of video messages can have immense effect on the way we think. Does your video do that?

Now, to the important stuff, the new contest, EXPO Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life will be available for upload soon. If you want to win a $10,000 cash prize and gain international recognition, be sure to check out the brief. Help EXPO Milano 2015 and future generation by producing a video that would reflect on the importance of the diverse impact Italian food culture could have in the world’s nutrition sustainability. Remember to go to http://www.expo2015.org/ to get a better grasp of what will be happening in EXPO Milano 2015.

Big thanks to all the participants for submitting their videos to Zooppa for the early entry part of the AYI contest which ended on Wednesday. This contest will be closing in less than three weeks, don’t miss the deadline, June 6th, 2013 4:00pm PST. Enter here!

Meme E

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