Weekly Wrap-Up: Degree and Novatel Wireless Launch!

Hey there Zooppa Troops.  Did you know I think you guys are pretty swell?  It’s true.  I mean it.  I like anybody who enters our online video contests or online print contests and who will spend their precious time creating something where there was nothing before.

And to that end, we have two new contests that are ready for you to submit your artistry. First, Degree Do:More, which has been coming soon for awhile, is finally here! Print artists and graphic designers looking for a challenge and a little extra cash, this is for you! Create an image for Degree Men’s Facebook page that showcases how you DO:MORE of what you love. Demonstrate the physical passions you pursue and the adventures you undertake to push yourself to higher levels of accomplishment. There are $5,000 in prizes and the deadline is August 6th.  Read the full brief here.

And for you film makers and video experts out there, we have an exclusive club that you can enter by heading to the Novatel Wireless contest and going through the secret doorway.  There you’ll find a great contest to challenge your skills in creating humorous, engaging, and product specific content!  There is $15,000 in prizes up for grabs, and the deadline is July 12th, so hurry over and get those cameras rolling.

I hope each and every one of you has a terrific weekend, and that the sun is shining and the smiles are smiling wherever you happen to find yourself.  Happy creating, Zooppers!

Meme E

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