Weekly wrap-up! Dragons, Donors, and (Auto) Dealers!

Hi there Zoopers! It’s time for our weekly wrap up. We’ve had quite an exciting week with winner announcements, contest wrap ups, and a new contest launch!

On Monday, we announced the winners for the D&D Next Video Contest. If you’re looking for a few laughs and some very creative videos, be sure to head over to the video page.

Tuesday saw the close of the MatchingDonors Video Contest. We had a great turn out for such a great cause. We appreciate the effort and passion our participants put forth to make this contest a success.

Today, we launched our latest video contest! The Checkered Flag Hyundai Video Contest has $15,000 in cash prizes, and don’t forget, they are offering an early entry award of $1,000 if you get your entry in by November 6, before 4pm PST. Start your engines!

Finally, keep in mind, we have two contests ending next month. Be sure to keep working on those Northwest Profiles, for the Pemco contest, and continue to help Chevron in the battle against AIDS!

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