Weekly Wrap Up: Mmm…Food.

Yes Zooppers, we’re stuffed right now. But that doesn’t mean we’re too lazy to tell you how our week went!

It was a fun, short week at the Zooppa office! This week we essentially got ready for the flood of awesome content coming in next week for two of our contests, Totino’s: Mom Up and Checkered Flag Hyundai!

Remember folks, the Totino’s: Mom Up Competition is ending Thursday, November 29th at 4pm pst! $25,000 are at stake here!

And Checkered Flag Hyundai is ending Friday, November 30th at 4pm PST! $15,000 at stake here!

So get cracking and make those videos! Also, don’t go too cray cray with the Holiday shopping. Unless, of course, it’s for new video equipment.

Meme E

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