Weekly Wrap Up: mascots, deadlines and departures!

Hey hey hey Zooppers! It’s that time of the week! Time to recount what happened this past week in the big world of Zooppa! So saddle up and pull up your marshmallow pants, it’s time to get started!

First off, we must talk about the newest member of our team, Zooppie! In a contest that saw over 500 entries, one talented designer has emerged the victor: Filippo Marongiu. Zooppie is flexible, simple, and communicative! Check out our earlier blog post on why we love him!

Next, we need to talk about two HUGE deadlines! The Totino’s: Mom Up competition will conclude on November 29th, 2012! $25,000 in prize money is up for grabs!

Also, check out the Checkered Flag Hyundai contest, which is ending on November 30th, 2012! That competition has $15,000 in prize money just waiting to be taken.

Finally, we must say goodbye to our campaign manager for the Chevron competition, Adam H Wong. Good luck with what life throws your way Adam!

Boom! That’s it Zooppers! Another week is in the books! Remember, this is the last non-holiday weekend of the year. So don’t delay and get those projects done!



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