Weekly Wrap Up: The Beginning and the Ending

This week has been quite eventful here at Zooppa, two contests has just been closed, a new contest has just been born and a new member has just joined our Zooppa staff!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who have participated in the Ellen and eBay contest. We enjoyed watching all of the videos. Very well done everyone, big claps for yourself!

Even though two of our contests have just ended, Zooppa is always trying to bring you new contests and surprises. After all, every ending comes with a new beginning. This week, Zooppa has brought you the most beloved topic of all – dating! Yes, AYI is cooperating with us again with this brand new contest – dating through friends has its benefits. I hope all of you would get a chance to check out and enter this contest! The early entry ends on the 15th of May and you may upload your video till the 6th of June.

Lastly, we would like to welcome the new addition here at Zooppa that just started this week as the Marketing Operation Manager. Michaela will be bringing Zooppa’s creativity to the next level using her charm and bright personality.

Have an awesome weekend!

Meme E

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