Weekly Wrap-Up! Welcome Meme, the New Zooppa Community Manager!

Meme says hello to the Zooppa community!

Hi everybody, Ian here, with my last ever blog post for Zooppa. I’m headed off in a new direction, and my time at Zooppa has come to an end. It has been a pleasure and an adventure talking to all of you wonderful artists in our Zooppa community. I hope you all continue to create fabulous films and graphics for many years to come, and become wildly successful, not only because I wish the best for you, but also so I can say to my friends, “I answered that Oscar Winner’s forum question once!”

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the most important bit of info: please welcome Meme Ellis, your brand-new, fresh out of the packaging Community Manager! She hails from Seattle, by way of Korea, and has been here since it mattered.

Ian poses for his goodbye picture, hours before he actually leaves the office.

Her interests include being awesome, avid movie watching, being a self-proclaimed foodie, and anything design related.

Anything I ever did well, Meme will no doubt carry on. Any of my failings, (and lets be honest, there were many), Meme will improve upon and make the Zooppa Community a top-shelf experience.

And what would a Wrap-Up be without links to contests closing soon! Prints artists, head to our Budweiser, Bud Light, and Degree contests with $25,000 in prizes. Videomakers, we’ve got VO5 and Siemens for you with $55,000.

I look forward to seeing your submissions, no longer as your Community Manager, but as a fellow artist.

Meme E


  1. Well I must say that I am very new to the Zooppa community and just won my first video here so it has been a very good experience so far. I talked to Ian on the phone once and he seemed like a cool guy. Hopefully things here continue to build and hail all types of great filmmakers. This is an awesome opportunity for us to continue to gain experience and get paid while doing what we love to do! Good Luck Ian, welcome Meme!

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