Welcome Scripped!!!

Our team at Zooppa is thrilled to announce that we are now partners with Scripped! Scripped is a one-stop shop for screenwriters and currently has over 80,000 writers from over 100 countries utilizing their online screenplay services. Scripped is comprised of three different components: script writing, script registration, and script coverage.

There are countless reasons to love Scripped.com, but allow me to highlight some of my favorites.

Scripped makes it so easy to get started immediately creating your next script! Really, there is no excuse putting off it off when such an accessible and complete screenwriting application exists. Although the free platform is sufficient for some, the paid services offer enticing perks including the ability for those users to enter exclusive screenplay competitions, gain more access to industry professionals, and create scripts in a variety of formats.

Scripped automatically formats scripts according to industry standards right in your browser. It’s a cloud-based application so you can access their scripts from anywhere. You no longer have to be stifled behind a computer all day, plagued with writer’s block!

Scripped allows writers to simultaneously work on their scripts in real time. You can create writing groups to collaborate in your very own virtual writer’s room.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome, Scripped.com onboard as our newest partner. I know I’ve been gushing about how much I love their services…now it’s time for you to see for yourself!


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