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G’day Zooppers! We are very excited to announce that we’ve added the prestigious Sydney Film School to our Creative Network. If you live in Australia or want to go to film school in Australia (yes, please!) check-out this wonderful program. Here is some more info if you are interested:

The Sydney Film School is a premier creative institute for emerging filmmakers, specialising in both 16mm and digital film training. The Sydney Film School offers:

1. One-year Diploma of Screen & Media course (CUF50107)
2. One-year Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media course (CUF60107)
Both courses combine the teaching of theoretical/creative processes and practical hands-on film production, with the emphasis on practice.
Both courses are nationally accredited within the nominated standards of the Australian Screen (Film & Television) Industries and audited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Diploma of Screen and Media course (CUF50107) covers all essential aspects of filmmaking: Pre-production (research, writing, pitching, casting, crewing, scheduling, production management, rehearsal and design); Production (locations, set building, blocking, directing actors, lighting, filming, recording); and Post-production (editing, music, sound design, mixing, copyright and distribution). These practical aspects of the course are supported with classes in Screen Language, Australian Cinema, specialist workshops, elective specialisations and Meet the Filmmaker with special guest screenings and discussions.
Students make larger major group films and documentary projects with continuing professional mentors. Each student also makes their own 16mm or digital Thesis Film, supported to find their individual creative voice.
Every film is taken through to final completion and is publicly screened at the Sydney Film School Festival at a major Sydney Cinema.
The school supplies all the equipment and budgets for the projects.

The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media course (CUF60107) is a one-year specialized course designed to further develope students’ filmmaking practice and deepen their creative and technical skills through focused tuition, interface with industry, substantial production experience and study of screen culture.
Students enrol into a production team of a maximum of thirteen students. Every student in the team develops and directs a 10 – 15 minute Advanced Thesis film and crews on up to nine of their colleagues’ films in a chosen area of specialisation.
In addition, a writing student develops a full-length feature script while the team undertakes all development work on the project, ready to take to market.
The school supplies the essential equipment and budget for the projects and every film is screened at the Sydney Film School Festival at a major Sydney Cinema.

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