Zooppa vs. Mad Men

People always ask about the glamorous lives we lead here at Zooppa. We tell them it’s a lot like Mad Men — just without the adultery, heavy drinking, or suave style.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s how we stack up against Madison Avenue in seven key areas:

From left: Tosh, Josh, Julia, Ian

Mad swagger

It’s What We Do Mad Men Zooppa
Dynamic employees At Sterling Cooper, Don Draper has a mysterious past At Zooppa, everyone has a mysterious past
Indulgent lifestyle Treat potential clients to three-martini lunches Treat potential clients to $3.99 pho
Ooze sex appeal Chain smokers with designer ashtrays Hippies with designer bicycles
Court scandal Manhattan urban sophisticates Rugged Pacific Northwest charm
Impeccable work ethic Secretaries do all the hard work Interns do all the hard work
Suave appearance Tailored suits Flannel suits
Curate cutting-edge ads The Carousel The Insta-Beard

Meme E

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