What don’t we know about Bridesmaid Dresses?

Wedding season is approaching, as the weather gets warmer. You must all agree that this will be the perfect opportunity for you to get cracking on one of the ten categories we have on the eBay video contest – bridesmaid dresses.

In the contemporary world, if we ever wore the same color as the bride, we’d be labeled as the mean person who steals the bride’s thunder. However, in ancient Roman times, bridesmaid dresses were similar to the bride’s dress. Why? They believed that evil spirits would get confused if they were to try and kidnap the bride. That is also why each bride used to have 10 bridesmaids.

I think a lot of brides out there would appreciate the immense change in bridesmaid dresses, as they’d always want to be the special one on that one special day.

With a lot of the rules changed in bridesmaid dresses and the role of the bridesmaid. Here are a couple of things fun facts about bridesmaid dresses.
A).  The dress should have a similar color as the theme of the wedding.
B).  The color of the dress does say something about you. Yellow bridesmaid dresses are for people that are outgoing and are full of positive energy. While blue bridesmaid dresses express the notion of loyalty, honesty and faithfulness.
C).  Did you know that only 2% of bridesmaids would wear their dresses again?
D).  An average bridesmaid dress cost roughly around 150 bucks!

Hopefully, this information would inspire you to create a wonderful how-to/instructional video for the eBay video contest. We all know how much fashion help this world needs.

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