“What is Luxury?” Contest Winners Announced

Our Zooppa Contest “What is Luxury?” has finished and we are finally ready to share the winning submissions with you on this blogalog. You all seem to have a pretty good idea about what luxury is, or what it means to you, so without further ado, we’ll let you know which Zooppers benefitted from this privileged knowledge.

In 1st place we have DONTMOVIE with his submission “What is Luxury? (Europa)”. DONTMOVIE’s film submission features Luca Piersimoni (Jet Set Travel, Milano) talking about his vision of luxury.

In 2nd place is the submission, “LETIZIA MATARRESE ITALIAN BANK MANAGER” by Necos

3rd place was taken by WILLYK with a submission entitled, “NOMI KAKOTY ON LUXURY

And… for the individual country winners!

US Winner: “What is Luxury for an American Woman?” by Jim_Imagination   

Chinese Winner: “WHAT IS LUXURY- Chinese Market” by ALMAAWALI90

Indian Market: “What is Luxury? Karthi Answers” by mhuesman

European Winner: “Luxury is…Comfort- Europe” by Diegobusatto

Brazilian Winner: “What is Luxury (Brasil)” by anak.

Congratulations, everybody!

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