What to do when you’re stuck at home for Spring Break and depressed.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have traipsed off to some sunny, exotic paradise for spring break, congratulations, you’re destined for a great week.

However, for those of us who haven’t managed to escape the miserable clutches of reality, spring break typically only serves to act as a reminder of our inadequacy to our vacationing counterparts. But do not despair! For we at Zooppa have compiled a list of 10 things to do this break to quell those feelings of bitterness and jealousy:

  1. Read that book you’ve always wanted- Stop making excuses for not reading that book you’ve always wanted to tell everyone you’ve read. Pick up that copy of Anna Karenina. Impress.
  2. Have a spa day- Treat yourself. What you are missing in vitamin D, you can make up for in massages.
  3. Brunch- There is arguably nothing more comforting than sitting down with friends and family to brunch.
  4. Volunteer- Yes, we know. Hardly relaxing. But think about the satisfaction you’ll get when the spring breakers ask what you did over break, and you can reply with “helping the orphans.”
  5. Shop and Splurge- With all the money you saved by not going on a trip, you can afford to treat yourself to that one frivolously lavish purchase you’ve always dreamed of.
  6. Do something outdoorsy- Kayak, hike, sail, you’ll feel refreshed. Unless the weather is terrible. Then sit inside and drink some cocoa.
  7. Take a class in something- Enrich your life; sign up for yoga, art, sculpting, or music classes.
  8. Buy a dog- Curb your heightened spring break feelings of loneliness.
  9. Watch a mind-numbing movie- anything with Jennifer Anniston usually does the trick.
  10. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry- If all else fails, eat and drink yourself into oblivion. Or at least until you get to relish in your colleagues’ post holiday blues next week.
  11. Special Bonus Activity: Create a video for our Contiki: Your Story Goes Here video competition on Zooppa! Live your spring break fantasy through the magic of film. $15,000 in awards up for grabs! Read the brief here!

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