What’s your budget?



Budgets can be your friend when they are managed properly.  There are a few things you can do to stretch those dollars and they are pretty common sense but often overlooked.

“Do I really need that?”

It’s so easy to spend money once you have it, but it is not always easy to only spend it on the things you really need.  Make sure every purchase is absolutely necessary for your production before opening that wallet.  This is first and foremost!

“Can I get this for free?”  

Use the resources you have before expanding your camera collection to include a piece of equipment you are only going to use a few times.  Think very hard about who might have equipment you can borrow or trade for.  Remember that those dollars don’t grow and trees and they should only be used if your project depends on it!

“What are my overruns?”

It is important to keep in mind the small things when budgeting because that’s what can really end up costing you.  Adding up the dollars and cents can often surpass your projections so be careful to keep track of purchases and make sure you’re not getting yourself into unnecessary debt.  Before going bankrupt, just make sure it’s worth it!

How does your film budget stack up? Take the quiz and compare!

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