Where are the Tips for Video Making?

I’ve been searching recently for some sites with good advice on how to use the tools of the trade to your advantage. I’ve come across some awesome YouTube channels and websites with great tips on making film. What I have found is probably the just tip of the iceberg when it comes to moviemaking. I’m hoping that you guys can show me even more.

The first site I found was http://info.howcast.com. It’s a great site that shows everything: from how to start your own film, to using green screens, to AFI screening and lighting techniques. This site is a must-see for any up-and-coming person in the world of film. The video tutorials are easy to follow and their hosts are always exciting to watch. I myself don’t use green screens, but the presentation makes me want to try it out in my own films.

MovieMaker channel on YouTube
Their videos cover a wide variety of film making techniques. They show how it was done old-school and how we can use modern technology to replicate their styles. They also show how you can direct documentaries–neat!

So Zooppers, where do you go for your techniques and tips? How do you find answers to the tough questions when it comes to your projects? Do you host your own blog or YouTube channel? And what tips and tricks can you share with us to make our movies better?

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