Which Editing Software Should You Use?



Before people edited with computers, Moviolas were the main “software” used to splice film together. It was a complicated process, you would feed one filled film reel through a tiny light up projector to a different empty film reel. You’d cut apart the developed film using razors blades, and splice it back together using actual clear tape.

Nowadays, editing is all done digitally through software programs, which means no tape or razorblades. Another difference between the olden editing days and now is, where there was just one particular kind of way to edit (Moviolas) now you have a variety of editing software to choose from.

Of course, in this commercial world we live in, it’s hard to tell at first glance which software is the right for your needs. We here at Zooppa have made a short analysis and a table consumer report of different editing software, so you can go on and edit whatever kind of movie is right for you.



Apple’s Final Cut Pro is a behemoth of editing software that comes jam-packed with features. It’s expensive but for the most part worth it. While other editing software might just give you a program only to edit with, Final Cut Pro X gives you an option to buy other software that combined with editing, gives you not only an arsenal of handy tricks but also is a must for anyone looking to make professional looking movies, but on a big budget. [Warning: Using this program is ridiculously difficult at first. But don’t despair! There are several websites and videos to help you learn.]



Contrast to Apple’s other editing program, iMovie is a lot cheaper and come with significantly less features. While, not seen as “professional editing software,” iMovie is light with features but does get the job done.



A casual editing program for consumers with a need to make a movie. You can put together slideshows and edit together family vactions but ultimately the program is very limiting. Easy to use, but very limiting.

Here’s a handy consumer report table to help you decide further.

  Final Cut Pro Apple iMovie   Windows Movie Maker
Platforms Apple Apple Microsoft Windows
Cost $299. 99 $14.99 $0
Category Professional Consumer Consumer Consumer
General Overview Professional Level Editing Software Basic Editing Software Basic Editing Software
Star Rating 5 out of 5 3 out of 5 3 out of 5

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