Who has time to watch 637 Criterion Collection movies? You do!

I try to keep up on the classics, both in literature and movies, I really do. Books that weren’t assigned in my school I’ve tried to get familiar with later in life. I’ve actually become quite a fan of Charles Dickens, just from an initial feeling of obligation to read David Copperfield. Thanks to streaming movies on various platforms, I caught up on some essential movies from the that I’d never seen like Raging Bull, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, and Cool Hand Luke, among others. Better late than never, I say.

But there are so many movies to watch and so many books to read! I just found out that there is a “book” written from the 7th century BCE called the Epic of Gilgamesh. I don’t have time to read the classics going back that far. Movies only go back a little over 100 years, so that’s less to sift through. But still, who has the time?

Lucky for us, Jonathan Keogh had some time on his hands and put together this cut of 637 Criterion Collection snippets in 2.5 minutes. I don’t have the time to watch all 637 movies, but this way I can see just a little bit of each one.

Now I just need somebody to take one word from all the classic literature that exists and string them together into a novella. That would be convenient.

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