Who Remembers the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon?

It was 1983, I was seven years old and I sure as heck wanted that awesome bow that shot those electric arrows.  My second choice was the cloak that made you invisible when you put the hood up.  I spent many a day telling that cowardly cavalier to get his stuff together and help out, and by golly, it sure frustrated me that the wizard couldn’t pull the right thing out of his hat.  I never knew if it was his fault or if he just had a faulty hat.

Much the gang on Gilligan’s island, all they wanted was to get home.  But after being sucked into a magical world on a crazy roller coaster, they kept getting distracted from getting home by the people they had to help, the quests they had to go on, and the evil Venger who, with a horn on his head, was a thorn in their side.  And the Dungeon Master really wasn’t much help at all. Despite his seeming stance as one of the good guys, he really didn’t help them get home or stay out of trouble at all.  Instead,he sent them on super dangerous missons, and he was just cryptic and not helpful in the least. Frankly, I just wanted him to say, “Look, kids, you’re stuck here until you help me accomplish my agenda, so the sooner we get this done, the sooner you can go home.” Then all the cards would be on the table, and they’d at least feel like they weren’t being jerked around.

If you want to learn more about the show, we’ve got several sources at your disposal.  Check out the official Wizards of the Coast FAQ for a little cartoon knowledge, and then stop by the D&D cartoon wikipedia page, and then head over to the official IMDb page for the nitty gritty details.

We’d love to hear your memories of the cartoon, so sound off in the comments.  Which of the kids did you want to be, or what weapon would you like to have had in your backpack just in case?

And if any of this inspires you to make a cartoon or video of your own featuring the D&D Next Playtest, have we got a video contest for you!  Check out all the details here! Deadline is Aug 10th.

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