Wholly Guacamole a New Video Contest

Ciao Zooppers!

We’ve had a new video contest up on Zooppa since last week. Wholly Guacamole makes some pretty good guac. And I know about good guacamole. I’m not a guac snob, however. I’ll eat whatever’s put in front of me but that’s a different story altogether.

The new contest is about showing up guac snobs.

Guac Snob noun \gwä-k snawb\
1. A person that couldn’t be bothered with prepackaged guacamole.
2. A person that thinks it is best to mash one’s own guacamole.

Here’s the mission directly from the brief:
Make a video, up to 60 seconds long, that pits Guac Snobs in situations against Guac Stars.

It could be at a dinner party, on a picnic, while watching a sporting event – any event that might find Guac Stars and Guac Snobs together.

For you animators out there: you may also incorporate Chip & Flip into your piece. Chip & Flip are Wholly Guacamole’s nacho mascots. They are included in the material files.

Yes, there’s a part for animators. I personally can’t wait to see Chip & Flip animated.

Take it easy,


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